Cheam Cricket 59 Club

 59 Club

Fundraising with the, 'Cheam CC 59 Club!'

A, '200 Club', was introduced many years ago with the objective of raising funds for the club in order for it to carry out projects and improve facilities; and it has been one of the biggest fund-raisers for the Cricket Club.  We now intend to take it onto bigger and better things; but we need YOUR help!

We are re-launching the, ‘200 Club’, basing it on the National Lottery bonus ball and naming it the, ‘Cheam CC 59 Club’. The Club’s aim remains the same: to raise funds for the long-term development of Club’s playing sections and for the Club to carry out projects and improve facilities.

We need as many Club members, family members and friends as possible to enter and buy a number, (or two!)  Not only are there cash prizes if the number chosen is the bonus ball in the Saturday National Lottery; there is also a chance to win cricket related prizes in Club draws EXCLUSIVELY for 59 Club annual members.

 As the saying goes: “You have to be in it, to win it!”

 The rules are very straighforward.

 59 Bonus Ball Lottery Rules

  • Numbers between 1 and 59 are allocated upon receipt of your completed entry form; and payment.
  • Number allocation ‘table’ (and each month’s winning number,) will be posted to the club’s website: and twitter feed: @Cheam_CC 
  • Each time your allocated number corresponds to the bonus ball drawn in the first Saturday of each month’s National Lottery draw, you win £120, given that all 59 numbers have been ‘sold’. 
    • Otherwise, the winning sum will equate to 30/59th of the amount collected, rounded-down to the nearest whole £. For example, 30/59th x £120= £61; 30/59th x £80 = £40    If the winning number is not, at the time of the draw, ‘allocated,’ the prize-fund will, ‘roll-over,’ and be added to the subsequent month’s prize money.
  • £4.00 per number per month x 12 = £48.00 (paid in full, which includes entry into regular draws throughout the season for cricket related prizes).
  • Or £4 per month paid by standing order here.
  • All prize money due will be forwarded to individual winners by direct payment to bank accounts, during the month in which the relevant prize is won.


There are only 59 numbers in this draw; so to guarantee yours please enter TODAY!

In doing so, you will also be supporting the Club’s prospects as 29/59th of all entered funds go towards helping with the development of the Club’s cricketing future!

You can have more than one number; and entry for each number is £4 per month paid in full (£48).

Please complete the following form to enter:

CHEAM CC 59 CLUB ENTRY FORM: Just £4 per month!

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To pay, please transfer the appropriate amount as indicated above, via BACS to:

  • NatWest Bank - sort code: 60-20-39
  • A/c: no: 05210682
  • A/c: Cheam Cricket 200 Club;
  • Ref: your surname, ( e.g. FORD, or SMITH, or NEWMAN, etc.)

To pay an annual (£48) or ad-hoc monthly (£4) entry fee via our website on-line payment system, please click here.

If you wish to pay a regular monthly entry fee, (£4), please click here for a standing order form.

Download an entry form hard copy:-   .pdf



Once you have completed the forms and paid your entry fee(s), please contact our '59 Club' organiser, John McKerracher, with your bankers details, (to ensure any winnings are paid you direct), and also for any further information that you may require, via email here.  

Postal address: Cheam Cricket 59 Club, C/O Cheam Sports Club, Peaches Close, Cheam, Surrey. SM2 7BJ.