Laws of Cricket 2017 Code & the 2018 Guide


MCC has issued a summary document outlining all the changes to the Laws of Cricket that came into effect around the world on 1 October 2017: click here for the summary.

The new Code of the Laws of Cricket was released digitally on 11th April 2017. The Laws came into force on 1st October 2017 but M.C.C. was keen to release the version as early as possible, particularly for those countries whose seasons commence or are in progress in October. For a full version of the new 2017 code plase click here.

ECB’s Association of Cricket Officials has produced a couple of videos explaining the key 2017 changes. Click here to view the videos, which include an online tool to better explain the introduction of Law 41 (Unfair Play) and Law 42 (Player Conduct). 

All players representing Cheam CC should take a moment to familiarise themselves with these changes to the Laws of the game.