Please help; it's new roller time!


Our roller is done in.

Please help the Club!

Donate NOW by contacting the Cricket Committee here.  Or if you feel you can assist in any other way, please also email the Cricket Committee here.  

£7,000 donated as at 31st October 2016....but we need more!

It’s the Club’s duty to ensure that wickets are safe for all who play at the Club, from the youngest colt to the more senior of player; and there is no doubt that rolling is vital for producing an optimum and safe playing surface.  

Cheam Cricket Club’s wickets are the envy of many within the county’s club cricket fraternity. Every season, visiting clubs, Surrey CCC, and the MCC, for example, sing the praises of the wickets produced by the Club.  However,  without a new roller, the Club will find it impossible to turn out such high quality wickets consistently.

Purchasing a new roller requires a major capital outlay by the Club.  So, if you want to enjoy playing SAFELY all the time, on two of the top surfaces in club cricket, please help us raise the funds for a new roller now.  A new roller will ensure that the Club continues to produce cricket wickets of the highest standard for many years to come. 


Investing in a new roller is consistent with the forward looking direction being taken by Cheam Cricket Club.  It is a major and necessary investment; and to supplement the funds already in place, we are looking for sponsor, donations, or fund raising ideas from the membership, local businesses, and friends of the club.

Moreover, we have already secured 35% of our target.  Members, supporters, and friends of the club have been incredibly generous; but we need that other 65% urgently.  Please help the Club reach its target.  A pound, a fiver, a tenner; whatever you can afford, as every donation helps; and all funds raised go towards the purchase of a new roller for the Club. 

Please help the Club by donating NOW! To do so, please contact the Cricket Committee, either Alasdair or Mike.  Or if you feel you can assist in any other way, please also email either Alasdair or Mike.   

Thank you for your generosity and help; it is truly appreciated.