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Junior Matches

Playing Matches

In recent years Surrey have decided to restructure all the local leagues into a Countywide competition with a variety of tiers in place to try and achieve the most appropriate level of competitive cricket for all junior cricketers across the County.

In line with this, we at Cheam have also decided to restructure our Junior cricket programme to provide as much opportunity for player development as possible with an emphasis on more internal friendly matches where players can learn the game in a safe environment up until they reach the point where they are able to compete at a higher level. This also allows more parents to get involved in umpiring/scoring/team management in a friendly environment. 

At Cheam we will enter several teams in the Surrey League, this can involve travel both locally and countywide. All Cheam Junior members will be guaranteed match time in our own internal club friendlies held regularly through the summer. Those who show the appropriate standard in these internal club friendlies will potentially be selected to represent Cheam in the new Surrey league structure. No player is guaranteed selection for a Surrey league match, the teams will be selected by the age group managers based on a number of factors including performance, behaviour, reliability and parental support.

Internal club friendlies will commence at the end of April with league matches starting in early May. Friendly matches with other local clubs will also be arranged to allow players who aren’t yet ready for league cricket to get some external match experience.

Your respective age group managers will be in contact concerning player availability and selection once a membership form and payment have been received.

Note - the U16 age group does not have a specific team entry, this is so that we do not clash with GCSE preparation and exams however playing opportunities will be available post the exams via U17 & U19 tournaments plus the Sunday and Adult teams as part of the pathway from Junior cricket to Adult cricket.

Fixture List

A list of fixtures can be found on our Pitchero platform - using your login you can see fixtures and make your child available or unavailable for specific match dates. Alternatively you can see Fixtures via the Surrey Play-Cricket website on the Colts Fixtures link in the Junior Cricket menu.

Generally all league and friendly matches are listed on Play-Cricket however we reccommend checking Pitchero particularly for friendly matches.


All colts are required to play matches in their Cheam Cricket Whites consisting of a white cricket shirt, white cricket trousers and a Cheam cap. It is a requirement to purchase this uniform along with your membership. This means your child is equipped and smart for cricket.

Every child playing hard ball cricket should also have his own cricket kit consisting of a helmet, Abdo guard, pads, gloves and a bat. Second hand kit can be borrowed on occasion and sold at a reduced cost where it is available - please enquire with Mark Pennock.

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